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  • Beyond the Scale: Is checking weight and BMI enough?

    Beyond the Scale: Is checking weight and BMI enough?

    We have all at some point been in our doctor's office for an annual exam. You know the routine; step on the scale, tell them your height and have your blood pressure and pulse checked. During your visit, your doctor might mention your weight or your BMI- body mass index, which can help identify whether you are normal weight, overweight or in the obesity category for your height. It is a good way to identify those who are at risk for complications of too much weight. But are all the people who end up in the normal weight range actually at low risk?

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  • Pivot to the Present

    Pivot to the Present

    You can feel your heart rate going up, you are starting to sweat, you feel anxious, maybe you are breathing faster-all of these symptoms have something in common: stress. Stress has become an acceptable part of modern-day life. We just have to "deal" with it as part of our every day demands of home, work, and life. Or do we? Is it worth it to try to reduce this constant stress?

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