Radiant Health Weight Loss & Wellness

Dr. Richa Mittal founded Radiant Health Weight Loss and Wellness to provide the Frisco and DFW community with a comprehensive physician weight loss and preventive health practice.

At Radiant Health, you will receive compassionate, one-on-one, personalized weight loss and health coaching that addresses all aspects of your health. As your weight loss doctor, Dr. Mittal will recommend treatments that are grounded in science, in the form of FDA-approved medications and nutritional supplements, as appropriate. Based on your preferences and medical conditions, alternative treatments like fasting are utilized to optimize your health.

Nutritional counseling is provided by Dr. Mittal herself and dietary guidance is based on your metabolism and medical needs. You will utilize real grocery food and meal replacements as appropriate, based on your preferences.

Along with medical treatment, specialized lab testing, behavior modification techniques, education about all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, coaching and dietary guidance, you will be provided with grocery lists, meal plans, recipes, and ready-made food options in order to get you started on your path to success.

We look forward to partnering with you as you start this journey to wellness!