Your Journey, Your Way Pricing

Our Monthly Weight Management, Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery Support Program

Membership includes:

  • Initial foundation month with 2-3 visits, based on your needs, provided 2-3 weeks apart (Up to 75-90 mins each) with physician and health coach 
  • Medical evaluation & treatment plan, including close follow up of blood pressure, blood sugar and other medical issues (related to weight or diabetes management-we do NOT replace your PCP)
  • Body composition analysis, including visceral fat assessment with Inbody 570 bio-impedance scale
  • 1 on 1 customized dietary counseling based on grocery food, meal planning & culinary coaching with physician & certified health coach
  • Monthly in-person or virtual visit (up to 60 mins): Medical follow up, body composition analysis & dietary, behavior & lifestyle counseling customized to you, management of FDA-approved medications (If used)
  • For patients with metabolic concerns (ex. Diabetes, prediabetes)- monitoring with continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to tailor dietary & management plan
  • Weekly health coaching for support & accountability customized to you
  • Access to physician & health coach on secure communication platform team to address issues medical or behavioral in between visits
  • Premium access to intuitive eating app Ate
  • Option to purchase on-hand selected meal replacement options

For existing member patients, discounted Reevue Metabolic Testing: $139

Pre-paid Discounted Membership Options:

One time Membership Fee ($150 new patient deposit applies to this) $150

Commitment 1: Includes Foundation Month* + (Pre-paid) 12 months membership: $4850 (Comes to $350/mo)

Commitment 2: Includes Foundation Month* + (Pre-paid) 6 months membership: $3050 (Comes to $400/mo)

*Note: Ongoing monthly phase of program is effective after your 2nd foundation visit. Foundation Visits are the first 2 visits that are 75-90 mins long and typically occur 2-3 weeks apart & are included in cost of any pre-paid 12 and 6 month membership options.

Month to Month Payment Option:

A monthly membership billing option is available with credit card kept on file. You will sign authorization for us to keep and charge your credit card on file monthly.

One time Membership Fee (Serves as a new patient deposit) $150

1st Foundation Month (due at 1st visit): $650

Monthly $450/mo

(1st monthly charge will be processed on the day of your 2nd Foundation visit)

All monthly membership patients have the option to extend by either extending their monthly program on a month to month basis or can take advantage of one of our pre-paid discounted extension options.

Extension options for existing patients:

3 month monthly visit extension (Pre-paid): $1275 (Comes to $425/mo)

6 month monthly visit extension (Pre-paid): $2400 (Comes to $400/mo)

Please note: All membership programs and pricing can be subject to change based upon the practice’s discretion.

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