Your Journey, Your Way

Losing weight and keeping it off is complicated!  Every person has different reasons, medical, behavioral and lifestyle, for their weight gain and for their struggles. We believe in a personalized, science-based approach to treating our patients that is customized to them!

How are you evaluated?

Your evaluation includes a comprehensive health history & physical exam as well as Inbody 270 body composition analysis to better understand body fat & muscle content and basal metabolic rate. Your 1.5 hour visit includes a detailed history about your history of weight gain and loss, detailed dietary history, review of lifestyle, focused health history to identify medical conditions that may be contributing to weight gain and review of medications.

Are there any lab tests done?

Based on your examination and review of prior health records, Dr. Mittal orders the appropriate comprehensive, specialized lab testing to screen for causes of weight gain like thyroid disease, adrenal disease and PCOS to name a few, detect early signs of metabolism problems and detect complications of weight. Labs costs can be billed through insurance or an affordable cash option is available for a lab that includes blood draw to be done from the comfort of your home.

What unique treatment plan will you receive?

Dr. Mittal has put together a comprehensive nutrition and metabolism course that she will review with you one-on-one.  She also provides you with personalized nutrition counseling and assistance with meal planning and grocery lists. Treatment plans also incorporate the use of intermittent fasting and recommendations for supplements when medically appropriate.  It is our priority that you are able to take our recommendations and have them translate into real life change. In addition to nutrition counseling, we offer you guidance on all aspects of your lifestyle, including sleep, stress management, exercise, gut health and behavioral modification-you are a whole person made of all aspects of your life!  Last, Dr. Mittal offers medication treatment with the appropriate use of FDA-approved medications.  The decision to use medications is based on your complete evaluation and is a shared decision making process.  To learn more about which medications are used, please visit our page for medication treatment:

Is there an option for meal replacements?

The majority of our patients eat food they purchase from the grocery store. This is important to making a life-long lifestyle change.  Sometimes, change can be overwhelming and in order to ease this transition, we offer a meal replacement program as an option. This option can either be full or partial meal replacement and offers a track to transition to fresh foods.  If this is something you are interested in, we can offer more information on this program at your visit.  

How often will you be seen?

During your treatment phase, after your initial two visits, you are seen on a monthly basis.  Your monthly membership includes health coaching weekly via a health coaching app, communication with Dr. Mittal directly for any issues that come up, monitoring of medical issues, and support and accountability.

What happens after you reach your goal?

Once you are ready to transition from monthly visits, Dr. Mittal guides you into a transition phase and then into a maintenance phase.  In the maintenance program, your visits are spaced out according to your medical needs so you continue to have the treatment and support you need.  Often, patients continue to be on medication to help maintain weight loss (this is discussed on an individual basis based on your medical needs). Dr. Mittal continues to communicate with your primary doctor in order to provide continuity of care.  

What is unique about the program?

There are many options for weight loss out there.  We believe in a personalized, science-based approach that provides you with the tools to succeed and maintain weight loss, improve health, and prevent chronic diseases.  We offer you this by giving you an all in one customized program.  This includes nutrition counseling, health coaching, meal planning & grocery lists, real world solutions for today's busy lifestyles, specialized lab testing with a focus on prevention, holistic approach with use of intermittent fasting and supplements when appropriate, and medication treatments using various FDA-approved medications. 

We look forward to being a part of your journey to good health!