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Kelly MBefore

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I used to have a very active lifestyle and had no problem maintaining a healthy weight. However, after getting married, I struggled to find a balance. I gained 40 lbs and, even though I tried to be active, I was out-eating what I did. I was never one to do fad diets, however, did try intermittent fasting, which helped me lose about 10 lbs. In 2017, I had started working with a personal trainer twice a week, but still no budge on the scale. My maximum weight reached 175 lbs. Since high school, I had wanted a breast reduction. In April 2021, I finally overcame my fear and had the procedure. At the 3 month follow-up visit with my surgeon, I was not happy. I still felt my breast size was too big. My surgeon gave me two options, redo the procedure after 6 months or lose weight. He gave me Dr. Mittal's information. I was hesitant at first because I knew what I needed to do to lose weight, I just wasn't doing it. Also, I knew I didn't like people telling me what I should and shouldn't eat. But, I decided to at least meet with her because what I was doing wasn't working. I first met with Dr. Mittal in July 2021. I weighed 162 lbs and was a size 10, sometimes 12. I begrudgingly signed up for 6 months, not really expecting I'd lose much. Dr. Mittal's approach is very realistic. She doesn't tell you you cannot eat certain foods, it's more about being mindful and making healthier choices. She keeps in touch with you in between office visits which helps keep her suggestions fresh in your mind. She is also able to prescribe medication, if needed, to use as a tool to help while you make dietary changes. As part of my weight loss journey, I was prescribed Weygovy. I was very successful on Weygovy. I dropped about a pound a week. At each office visit, Dr. Mittal uses the Inbody machine to measure body composition. By using this device, I was able to see that I was maintaining muscle mass and losing only body fat. By the end of 6 months, I was a size 4/6 and weight hit 123 lbs. I couldn't believe it! The muscles I had built while working with my personal trainer finally appeared!! The muscle definition in my legs even inspired my teenage daughter to exercise more. At the time, it seemed like the physical changes were taking forever to show up, but now I'm so thankful I stuck with it. I signed up for another 6 months with her and plan to continue maintenance with her. Maintenance has been more challenging to me than the initial weight loss. I no longer take the Weygovy, so I am relying completely on the tools she has taught me along with a small dose of Lomira to help with appetite suppression (although I've learned I can out eat it if I let myself). I've gained a few pounds since the transition off the medication, which is expected, but for the most part, have been doing well with maintaining a size 6. When I contemplate eating foods that aren't healthy for me, I sometimes imagine a little Dr. Mittal sitting on my shoulder reminding me to be mindful. I've made significant changes in what I eat and I eat way more fruits and vegetables than I ever have. I even subscribed to Daily Harvest, which is meals made with just fruits/vegetables and I eat their meals for breakfast and lunch. Maintenance can be a struggle, but I know that I will be successful. I've even started running again. My husband has also recently started working with Dr. Mittal, so having him being more mindful is also helping me. As far as changes other than just weight loss, I've been able to cut my blood pressure medication in half TWICE (from 50mg, to 25mg and now to 12.5mg).

I highly recommend anyone looking to change their lifestyle, get healthier, and lose weight to meet with Dr. Mittal.

Kelly M.
Frisco, TX


In order to understand how I met Dr.Mittal I will have to give you a bit of history prior to meeting her.

My journey with weight loss has been a struggle since I had my thyroid removed in 2017. Before this I was happy with my body, choices of food and my workouts.

Through the years of this journey I have struggled with a hanging belly due to 3 C-sections and yo-yo “diets”

I had met with my Doctor prior to this to get my thyroid levels under control. I have had so many test with cortisol, hormones etc and none were out of line to see any red flags as why I was unable to drop the pounds. The struggle and disappointment on the scale was getting to me.

Lonestar Plastic Surgery

My husband and I met with Dr.Hill from Lonestar Plastic Surgery here in Frisco, Texas. The reason for the visit was to remove the “hanging skin” after 3 C-Sections.

After my consultation, Dr.Hill and His assistant Carrie they suggested I reach out to Dr. Mittal. She was a physician who helped people with weight loss. The reason for this was because for the best possible outcome of surgery I would have to lose 30+lbs or more. So I took their suggestion and scheduled an appointment with Dr.Mittal.

Meeting Dr. Mittal

I first met Dr.Mittal in 2019 at the end of the year. I was at the end of the rope, if this didn’t help then I didn’t know what else to do. I had scheduled and appointment with her to see what she offered and what she could do to help me.

I went into her office, obviously skeptical with what she had to offer. My first visit with her was great, she spent about one hour with me to talk, get my history and talk to me on how seeing her approach could work for me.

Went home and spoke to my husband. After all these “fad diets” he was so so skeptical. We decided to not take her help at that time.

I went on a couple do months of “trying” to do it on “ my own” and nothing was working. I was defeated and needed help!!

I rescheduled an appointment with her again to “try it out” for 3 months and see if it helped or not.

The 2nd Meeting Dr.Mittal

I walked out of her office thinking I’d she really going to be able to help me!?

Well I was wrong to have that initial doubt.

She is hands on with her clients, following up with me weekly to see how I was starting out, I was keeping track of a food diary which she is able to see daily.

If she saw a “Red Flag” she instantly sent an email to make me aware what it was and helping me correct it.

Each month I revisited her with weighing in and talking about what the goals for the next month. Even if I only lost 5 lbs she was always encouraging and showed me the positives of the month.

The best part of her is that she’s easy to talk to, never judges, is passionate about her practice and offers every tool that you’ll need. She is very detailed with her approach to help.

Dr.Mittal was also realistic with the approach of surgery. She met with Dr. Hill, discussed what would be the best approach for a healthy surgery and outcome. I really wanted this surgery quickly, she suggested I waited until I was able to reach my goal. We pushed surgery 2 1/2 months out. She was correct in her assessment and I’m so glad I took her advice.

Each month I was looking forward to stepping on the scale to show how my body was getting healthier and where I needed to improve.

She was the key to my success !! She worked as hard as I did for me and was a encouragement each time.

In June of 2020 I stopped seeing Dr. Mittal and had my surgery with Dr.Hill .

The surgery with a healthier weight was so much better than I expected. I was so glad to take Dr.Mittal’s advice.

I am 5 months out of surgery at this time, I have continued to lose weight and inches because of guidance .

Because seeing is believing I have given her permission to share pictures of what I looked like the day I met her, the day before my surgery with Dr.Hill and 3 months later. She will also share my body composition from the first time I met her and the last one.

I honestly could have not done this without her guidance. Let me say this again she didn’t judge me for the way I looked or gave me some line of “you have to eat right and exercise” it was so much more. I get emotional thinking about it. She has changed my outlook on diet and exercise, her approach to eating healthy lifestyle is what I had needed.

If you are thinking about seeing her don’t think TAKE THE LEAP!!

Dr.Mittal will make you successful in your journey, and along the way you will find yourself again.

I found my joy for life again through this journey. The best advice is to never give up on yourself, keep fighting and have an awesome coach along with you on this!!

I cannot thank you enough for your hard work to help me!!

Frisco, TX

Urmi Subramanian

My story starts out like so many other folks’. I come from a great family; I grew up with my wonderful mom and dad and two sisters. We had a very happy childhood. Unfortunately, mom and dad (like most parents back then) didn’t know the most about health and wellness. During the sugar craze of the 80’s, we ate lots of…sugar! Sara Lee pound cake, if I remember correctly. Despite our sometimes-unhealthy snacks and treats, mom made homemade Indian meals nearly every night. She fed us the healthy foods she grew up eating. My sisters were average, healthy weights, but I was a slightly heavy child, a heavier adolescent, and eventually an obese teen. Over the course of time, I became more educated about my health and fitness (diagnosed with PCOS in college). I was able to successfully lose weight multiple times throughout my early adulthood, only to gain it back again and again. I’d gain it back because I couldn’t keep up with six days/week in the gym, and the pounds would creep back. Or when I was pregnant with my wonderful children… and we all know how much that changes your body! I’ve trained for and completed a half-marathon. I’ve put my body through its paces so many times, but never found lasting success. Every single time I blamed myself. I wasn’t dedicated enough. I wasn’t working out enough. I wasn’t trying hard enough. Why was I always so hungry?

Then, I hit a wall. I had lost a significant amount of weight from May 2015- May 2016 (enter half marathon!), only to gain all of it back over the course of the next two and a half years. I had gotten rid of all my larger clothes and had nothing to wear! I work in healthcare and my scrubs were tight. I was also seven months away from turning 40. I started re-educating myself about health and wellness by reading (and reading some more!), listening to good podcasts, and talking with trusted friends. I discovered the ketogenic diet and learned about Dr. Jason Fung and his book The Obesity Code. Reading that book changed my life. I felt like he was speaking to me. Could it have been possible that the un-ending rollercoaster I had been on of gaining and losing wasn’t my fault??

I decided I needed help. I needed to get a full picture of my health. I searched online for any doctors in DFW who were part of Dr. Fung’s Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) Network. It was a narrow field with only one physician who sees adults. I called to get more information about the practice, and Dr. Mittal picked up herself. “When does that ever happen?”, I thought to myself. I liked her so much over the phone that I made an appointment and came to see her soon after. My first appointment with her was awesome. She listened so completely to my history; my story. She listened to all the bits I had always thought were important but no other provider gave the time of day to learn about. She seemed to genuinely understand my struggles and never made me feel judged. But she did let me know I had work to do. With Dr. Mittal, I have received the most comprehensive, thorough care of any physician I’ve ever worked with. I’ve been following the care plan she made for me since mid-January, which includes practical fasting protocols, a personalized eating plan, exercise, and stress management. I’m thrilled to report that I’ve dropped 37 pounds and counting. I’m not yet at my goal. I have some real work left! But I’m more hopeful and prouder of myself than I have ever been. I’ve gained an immensely powerful sense of control, not only of how and what I eat, but of my inner dialogue. I’m learning to give myself breathing room to grow and learn. This is a process (one I’ve never tried before)! I give myself the space to make a mistake and learn from it without beating myself up for it. I curb all the negative self-talk in a way I’ve never been able to do in the past, because evidence supports the idea that I didn’t “do this to myself”. How freeing! Best of all, I have a plan that is working the old-fashioned way: with grit, perseverance, persistence, and faith. I just turned 40, and I’m really excited about the next decade of my life. It’ll be my healthiest and happiest yet.

Urmi S

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