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With Dr. Mittal's help, our patients are transforming their lives and we are privileged to be a part of their journey!

Urmi Subramanian

My story starts out like so many other folks’. I come from a great family; I grew up with my wonderful mom and dad and two sisters. We had a very happy childhood. Unfortunately, mom and dad (like most parents back then) didn’t know the most about health and wellness. During the sugar craze of the 80’s, we ate lots of…sugar! Sara Lee pound cake, if I remember correctly. Despite our sometimes-unhealthy snacks and treats, mom made homemade Indian meals nearly every night. She fed us the healthy foods she grew up eating. My sisters were average, healthy weights, but I was a slightly heavy child, a heavier adolescent, and eventually an obese teen. Over the course of time, I became more educated about my health and fitness (diagnosed with PCOS in college). I was able to successfully lose weight multiple times throughout my early adulthood, only to gain it back again and again. I’d gain it back because I couldn’t keep up with six days/week in the gym, and the pounds would creep back. Or when I was pregnant with my wonderful children… and we all know how much that changes your body! I’ve trained for and completed a half-marathon. I’ve put my body through its paces so many times, but never found lasting success. Every single time I blamed myself. I wasn’t dedicated enough. I wasn’t working out enough. I wasn’t trying hard enough. Why was I always so hungry?

Then, I hit a wall. I had lost a significant amount of weight from May 2015- May 2016 (enter half marathon!), only to gain all of it back over the course of the next two and a half years. I had gotten rid of all my larger clothes and had nothing to wear! I work in healthcare and my scrubs were tight. I was also seven months away from turning 40. I started re-educating myself about health and wellness by reading (and reading some more!), listening to good podcasts, and talking with trusted friends. I discovered the ketogenic diet and learned about Dr. Jason Fung and his book The Obesity Code. Reading that book changed my life. I felt like he was speaking to me. Could it have been possible that the un-ending rollercoaster I had been on of gaining and losing wasn’t my fault??

I decided I needed help. I needed to get a full picture of my health. I searched online for any doctors in DFW who were part of Dr. Fung’s Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) Network. It was a narrow field with only one physician who sees adults. I called to get more information about the practice, and Dr. Mittal picked up herself. “When does that ever happen?”, I thought to myself. I liked her so much over the phone that I made an appointment and came to see her soon after. My first appointment with her was awesome. She listened so completely to my history; my story. She listened to all the bits I had always thought were important but no other provider gave the time of day to learn about. She seemed to genuinely understand my struggles and never made me feel judged. But she did let me know I had work to do. With Dr. Mittal, I have received the most comprehensive, thorough care of any physician I’ve ever worked with. I’ve been following the care plan she made for me since mid-January, which includes practical fasting protocols, a personalized eating plan, exercise, and stress management. I’m thrilled to report that I’ve dropped 37 pounds and counting. I’m not yet at my goal. I have some real work left! But I’m more hopeful and prouder of myself than I have ever been. I’ve gained an immensely powerful sense of control, not only of how and what I eat, but of my inner dialogue. I’m learning to give myself breathing room to grow and learn. This is a process (one I’ve never tried before)! I give myself the space to make a mistake and learn from it without beating myself up for it. I curb all the negative self-talk in a way I’ve never been able to do in the past, because evidence supports the idea that I didn’t “do this to myself”. How freeing! Best of all, I have a plan that is working the old-fashioned way: with grit, perseverance, persistence, and faith. I just turned 40, and I’m really excited about the next decade of my life. It’ll be my healthiest and happiest yet.

Urmi S

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