Mindset: A Critical Factor in Your Weight Loss & Health Journey

Mindset: A Critical Factor in Your Weight Loss & Health Journey


“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” — Buddha


Do you agree?


Let’s discuss…I give you some things here to consider and some thoughts on habits you can implement to nourish that mindset that allows you to flourish!


Some questions to ask yourself:

What drives you?

Is that voice in your head being kind or critical?

Do you value yourself as you are even if you trying to do better?

Are you feeling balanced or just flying by the seat of your pants?

Is it just about weight loss or about your health & quality of life?

Do you prioritize caring for your mind and your body?


Let us consider:

I ask you to join me in considering how your mindset affects how you care for your body.

This time of year especially, for many, the focus is on our bodies...on physical appearance...on the scale, on weight loss.

We are good at finding our physical flaws.

You can find internet gurus galore selling the ultimate solution- cleanses, detoxes, quick fixes…

But is it that simple?


It can be easy to fall into the trap of “If I can just do such and such, I’ll get to that perfect place”.


Does that place exist?

Is it a destination where you reach and then you don’t need to continue on with your journey?


Or is it about each meal choice, each time we move, each thought?

About whether we decide to load our grocery cart with veggies or goodies from the cereal aisle, if we take time to plan a meal vs order Uber Eats, or pack our lunch vs eat out a restaurant.

Isn’t each day an opportunity to make a choice?

To eat, think and move in a way that is either in line with what we want for our lives or away from it?

Isn't it more than the amount of weight loss you see day to day?


Not only are we often looking for this elusive "perfect place" or destination, but to top it off, we aim for perfection... and then we fall short. Sound familiar?


Why is that? What is that critical missing factor?

What is the key to making sustainable changes that nourish your body, amplify your health & result in a healthy weight loss journey? 


Your mindset.


Your mind has to be cared for, just as much as your body. How can we do that?


You mindset has to be one that allows you to:


  1. Nourish your mind- Consider how it would feel to stop for a moment, to stop multi-tasking constantly, to take 5 mins to breathe (I promise that email Inbox will still be there!). Stop and appreciate the beauty of a sunset. 


  1. Deal with stress head on- Could you be seeking comfort in habits that do not serve you in the long term? (Wine? Food?) Have you considered making time for focusing on the now... for meditation? You don’t need to become a professional yogi! Deep breathing exercises, meditation apps, and exercise are great stress relievers to work on.


  1. Stay connected- Do you prioritize friendships & family time? Feeling heard and connected can help ground you. Have you heard of the Blue Zones where people live long, healthy lives? It’s not just about what you eat!


  1. Take care of your mental health- If you suffer from depression or anxiety, get professional help! Medical treatments, lifestyle, nutrition- they all work together. The mind-body connection is real!


  1. Accept and love yourself- Talk to yourself the way you speak to your best friend. Show yourself grace & honor the accomplishments on your journey. Keep in mind why you are making the changes you are choosing to make for your health. Your worth has nothing to do with your dress size!


  1. Make time for play, for fun & joy- You shouldn’t have to wait for the next vacation to have fun or take a break. Find joy in the small moments- go ahead and get down on the floor and finger paint with your child. Or maybe pick up that guitar you always meant to learn how to play!


  1. Break free of aiming for some perfect ideal- It doesn’t exist! Make the choice in that moment that serves you. No one, I repeat no one is perfect.


Every decision, every choice... is guided by your mindset- so I choose mind and body. Do you?


In Health,

Richa Mittal MD

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