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A Membership Physician Weight Loss and Wellness Coaching Practice

I, Dr. Richa Mittal, am a dedicated Internist, medical weight loss doctor and lifestyle medicine doctor who uses a science-based and personalized approach to evaluate and treat my patients. Based on a thorough medical evaluation, nutrition & lifestyle assessment, body composition analysis and comprehensive metabolic lab evaluation, I partner with you to offer medical treatment, lifestyle coaching & culinary medicine tools in a unique medical and health coaching model to help you lose weight and improve your health and well-being from the inside out.

As an experienced physician board-certified in Internal Medicine and a Diplomate of both the American Board of Obesity Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine, I have seen patients face the burden of chronic diseases. Throughout my career as a hospitalist and internist, I realized there was not enough focus on prevention, especially when it comes to metabolic and lifestyle related diseases.

Despite huge advances in medical science, many people continue to suffer from chronic obesity & lifestyle-related illnesses. Treatments with “pills” alone and a reactionary approach to the treatment of medical conditions can only go so far. Being able to spend more time with my patients with a personalized approach helps get at the root issues related to their health conditions.

Issues like obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, fatty liver disease, sleep apnea, and heart disease, to name a few, are often not able to be addressed effectively in the current healthcare system and there are not enough resources for prevention & reversing disease.

People with chronic medical conditions and even symptoms of fatigue, hormone imbalances, menopause, sleep problems, brain fog, gut issues, mood disorders or weight gain end up seeking help on their own and fall prey to “quick fix” solutions that are not supported by evidence, lead to confusion, can be expensive, contribute to fad diets and yo-yo weight loss/regain and do not work long term.

Those who carry excess body weight face stigma related to their obesity when it comes to how they are judged & treated. Overweight and obesity are metabolic conditions that are a result of a complex combination of medical and genetic, environmental, behavioral and dietary & lifestyle factors that compound over time. In order to maximize success, I treat my patients with compassion, respect and holistically to address all aspects of wellbeing.

I am thrilled to share my clinical expertise in the fields of obesity, cardio-metabolic health and lifestyle medicine by offering a unique practice model for Radiant Health Weight Loss and Wellness that allows for a personalized approach to weight management and long-term health.

Dr. Richa Mittal

Dr. Richa Mittal Weight Loss Doctor

Radiant Health Weight Loss & Wellness

Physician Weight Loss

Get to know Dr. Richa Mittal

My passion for health, nutrition and a holistic approach to medicine & prevention have been strengthened by my own journey with health concerns related to metabolic issues. Seeing many family members and loved ones experience chronic cardio-metabolic diseases also fuels my passion to constantly learn and led me to my field of medicine as well as getting additional training in lifestyle medicine and a culinary coaching certification.

I am excited to educate and empower my patients and community about strategies to optimize whole body health. In addition to my practice, I share practical weight loss & lifestyle tools and plant-forward recipe creations on my blog (be sure to subscribe!) and on my social media accounts (@richamittalmd). I am thrilled to collaborate with fitness, nutrition, behavioral health and cooking professionals who are also passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise.

It is my privilege to use a systematic & unique approach to offer you personalized care by using a membership based model in my practice. This allows me to focus on YOU and enables me to provide the level of attention to develop a customized plan according to your personal needs and partner with you for your long-term wellness.

In Health,
Richa Mittal MD

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We Offer
  • Comprehensive medical evaluation
  • FDA - approved use of medications
  • Body composition analysis to measure lean muscle mass & fat content
  • Experienced with incorporating fasting protocols into the treatment plan based on medical evaluation.
  • Personalized dietary & nutritional counseling
  • One-on-one health coaching & support
  • Communication with your primary care physician
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  • Absolutely loved working with Dr. Mittal her and her staff make you feel so comfortable and have a gift of helping you find your confidence again.

    - Tiffany C

  • I have been struggling to lose weight for years! After many health issues piling up, I decided enough was enough and went to Dr. Mittal for help.

    - N Patel

  • Dr. Mittal is a very fine physician. She is tremendously resourceful, caring, and compassionate.

    - AG

  • I've been seeing Dr. Mittal for a little over 6 months now, and I couldn't be happier with her care and treatment.

    - Patient HT

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Please review our membership programs and pricing information HERE.

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