Food As Medicine

  • Heart and Gut Healthy Lasagna

    Sharing my recipe for a heart and gut healthy lasagna that your whole family will enjoy!

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  • Culinary Coaching: Nutrition Help That Goes Beyond a Meal Plan

    Through culinary coaching, it is a privilege to offer nutrition help that goes beyond a meal plan. I work to create a sustainable nutrition plan according to health concerns and weight goals, but also for creating enjoyment, ease, and convenience. Learning about how shifting the focus to what foods should be enjoyed in abundance can help. While teaching healthy cooking techniques, and educating on how to modify ingredients in traditional recipes, I value helping patients apply changes to improve long-term health, including metabolic conditions, cholesterol problems, gut health, and improve long term mortality.

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  • Cilantro Walnut Chimichurri Pesto- Flavors of the Mediterranean diet

    This easy recipe for cilantro pesto combines fresh flavors like those found in chimichurri with plant-based omega 3 fatty acids from walnuts, to make a rich and creamy sauce that can be used over pasta dishes, as a marinade for tofu or lean meat or fish, can be a topper for pizza, eaten with veggies as a dip, or to flavor your hummus! As part of the Mediterranean diet, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats like those found in olive oil and walnuts are flavorful, heart-healthy options compared with saturated fats from animal sources.

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  • Berry Chia Jam: Low Sugar, High Antioxidant!

    Dr. Mittal shares her recipe for an easy berry chia jam that is a great topping for many foods and is high in heart-healthy fiber and vitamin C and other antioxidants that can help to lower inflammation, boost your immune system and even have cancer fighting properties.

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  • Heart-Healthy Recipe for Vegan Spinach Lentil Soup

    Dr. Mittal shares her recipe for vegan heart-healthy Indian-inspired Spinach Lentils which are high in fiber, a great source of plant protein and can help lower blood pressure.

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  • Vegan black eyed pea burger patties

    Dr. Mittal shares her recipe for vegan black-eyed pea burger patties, a great source of plant-based protein and prebiotic fiber!

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  • Basil Hummus

    Dr. Mittal shares her recipe for basil hummus- pesto meets hummus for a delicious and healthy option for plant protein & heart healthy fiber

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  • Easy Healthy Cabbage Slaw

    Dr. Mittal shares her "food as medicine" recipe, full of antioxidants & Vitamin C, for an easy and colorful summer red cabbage slaw salad.

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  • Does Gut Health Affect Weight Loss and Metabolism?

    “A happy bowel makes a happy person.” One of my sayings! Agree or disagree?

    We are learning more and more about how every system in our bodies is connected and the gut it turns out, affects much more than you might think!

    This is a reason why in my practice, along with optimizing other factors, one of our focus points is to help patients optimize their gut microbiome.

    Let’s look at some commonly asked questions about how gut health affects whole body health.

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  • Ginger Tofu with Peppers

    Dr. Mittal shares her recipe for Ginger Tofu, a great source of plant-based protein and powerful anti-inflammatory spices.

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