Fitness Together

Fitness Together is our innovative program that offers our patients a personalized fitness solution. Our structured fitness program provides accountability, support, and a path for building towards progress to achieve fitness goals.

  • We are pleased to collaborate with a team of vetted and accomplished fitness instructors who take a tailored approach to design a fitness program for you.
  • Like our medical services, they offer customized guidance based on your particular concerns, current fitness levels, and goals. Also built into the program, are virtual support and accountability tools through their state-of-the-art fitness app that provides our patients with convenient access to workouts, the ability to keep track of workouts, and access to your fitness coaches.

Add this premium service to your monthly membership and start working towards your fitness habits to enhance your lifestyle and weight loss plan!

Monthly membership to the Fitness Together program includes:

  1. 1 monthly 60 minute virtual 1 on 1 session with your trainer, including assessment & workout to demonstrate use of equipment
  2. Dashboard feedback by your trainer weekly for accountability & support
  3. Messaging access to your trainer to ask questions
  4. 4 weeks of assigned workouts
  5. Communication by your trainer periodically with your medical team (us!) to track your progress

Every month, build on your progress, advance your workouts and grow in the comfort of your home! A list of basic fitness equipment needed is provided to you when you sign up for this program.

Monthly membership to the Fitness Together program is $125/month. Let us know if you have questions and how we can help get you started!

Coach Bios

Charmi Ramchandani

Charmi RamchandaniCharmi Ramchandani

Charmi Ramchandani is an experienced fitness coach, who has worked with clients all over the US and internationally.

With a nationally recognized Personal Trainer certification from National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Charmi has worked with clients with different skill levels over the last 7 years. Her philosophy with exercise is that for clients to stay consistent with exercising, they should feel like the workouts are enhancing their life, not anchoring them down.

The best thing about the way Charmi programs workouts for her clients is that she takes into account a clients lifestyle and daily routine. If a client prefers a 15 minute workout on a Saturday but a 45 minute one on a Wednesday, then the program reflects that routine.

When she isn’t wearing a coach hat, Charmi is a wife, mom and an avid Superhero fan! She also loves snorkeling, hiking, experimenting with recipes and pouring over the latest research in the health field

Carlos Contreras

Carlos ContrerasCarlos Contreras

Carlos Contreras has over 10 years of experience in the field of personal training. His impressive portfolio of qualifications includes certificate from nationally recognized fitness organizations such as:

  • Personal trainer certification from National Academy of Sport Medicine
  • Strong First (SFG) L1
  • Functional Aging Institute (for coaching older population)
  • 8 weeks out (a heart rate variability training program)
  • Original Strength

Coach Carlos has worked and has been coached by the best strength and conditioning coaches in the industry such as Geoff Neupert, Alwyn Crossgrove and Tim Anderson. He has extensive knowledge in exercise program design for weight loss, strength training, mobility, flexibility, high intensity training and muscle building as well as a deep understanding of assessing physical movement.

He specializes in working with kettlebells, body weight and dumbbells and has successfully helped many people enjoy the benefits of having a strong able body.