L-Nutrahealth Diabetes Reversal Program

We are proud to partner with the L-NutraHealth for Diabetes program, a powerful nutri-technology that unlocks the body’s own rejuvenation system to reduce medications in the setting of type 2 diabetes and even achieve diabetes remission.

L-NutraHealth was founded on the revolutionary discoveries and work of Professor Valter Longo. Named by Time Magazine to be one of the Top 50 most influential people in health care in 2018, Dr. Valter Longo is a Professor and the Director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California. He has published roughly 150 scientific research papers and his pioneering research has bridged important pathways now widely recognized to regulate aging and age-related chronic diseases.

As a medical partner to L-NutraHealth for Diabetes, Dr. Richa Mittal provides essential medical oversight for patients seeking relief from the daily burden of diabetes. The program is centered around a monthly 5 day regimen of scientifically formulated, plant based fasting mimicking diet (FMD) Nutrition and a behavioral support system that provides focus for the goal of diabetes remission.

Diabetes Medical Management for L-NutraHealth

Our Diabetes Medical Management for L-NutraHealth program includes:

  • Medical Visits: Four 45 mins visits/year, scheduled every 3 months
  • Lab review at medical visits
  • Visits cover medication management, dietary & lifestyle counseling
  • Body composition analysis with Inbody 570 at every visit to monitor visceral fat & monitoring for muscle mass loss
  • In between visits: Access to physician via EHR portal messaging for medication adjustments
  • Coordination of care with the L-NutraHealth support team (dietician/health coach)

We offer 2 options for membership for the Diabetes Medical Management for L-NutraHealth:

  1. A 12 month pre-paid membership: $1000 (Comes to $83.33/month)
  2. Credit card on file is billed monthly: $95/month

NOTE: We can provide superbill upon request with medical diagnosis codes to submit to insurance as an out of network benefit. Patients may use HSA/FSA funds to pay for services.

Concierge Care Plus for L-NutraHealth

In addition to the above program, we offer the option for a Concierge Care Plus for L-NutraHealth membership plan for those wanting more access, support & monitoring.

The Concierge Care Plus for L-NutraHealth program includes: 

  • Secure text/SMS access with physician and support staff to address medical questions
  • Weekly health coaching with our certified health coach for nutrition and wellness coaching
  • Physician review of CGM data weekly, if available
  • Monthly Inbody 570 body composition analysis to monitor visceral fat loss & muscle mass
  • Coordination of care with other health care providers
  • Includes four 45 min medical visits with physician every 3 months, with lab review

We offer 2 options for membership payment for the Concierge Care Plus for L-NutraHealth program:

  1. $300/month billed to credit card on file for 12 months
  2. $3200 prepaid 12 month membership (comes to $266/mo)

For any patients who are interested in combining our medical weight management program Your Journey, Your Way, with the L-NutraHealth Diabetes remission program, we are pleased to provide the needed medical oversight while partnering with you in a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan. You may learn more about our unique medical weight loss program HERE.