What to Expect

What can I expect during my 1st and 2nd "Foundation" Visits?

During the beginning phase of your time as a member of the practice, the 1st month is called the Foundation Month, during which time you will have 2 visits, communication between visits as needed and a brief visit to review labs. Please find details below for what to expect. 


Your First Foundation Visit: Up to 90 mins with Dr. Mittal 


  • Complete medical history evaluation and exam, review of nutrition & lifestyle assessment with a focus on your weight and metabolic health. This includes discussion of medical conditions possibly causing weight gain & complications of body fat gain.  

  • Comprehensive laboratory evaluation to better understand the effects of your weight on your health as well as to identify causes of your weight gain. We will review results at a future visit. 

  • Laboratory:  Labs can be either billed via insurance through Quest or CPL Labs or we have an affordable cash pay option through CPL labs. Comprehensive metabolic lab panel for CPL is $180. (Extra charges for additional lab testing.) For details about labs, see Laboratory page in binder for further details.

  • Body composition analysis with Inbody 570. You will receive a report with measurement of body fat and muscle mass as well as estimation of basal metabolic rate and visceral fat measurement. 

  • Set goals for your health and weight as well as counseling on medical and lifestyle factors. You will receive “First Visit Action Items” to start implementing.

  • If appropriate, recommendations regarding FDA-approved medications for weight loss, as well as supplements, and any other treatments based on your medical evaluation will be made. 

  • Note: A follow up virtual 15 mins visit will be scheduled with Dr. Mittal to review lab results. 

  • Your second foundation visit will typically be scheduled with the certified Health Coach for within 2- 3 weeks after your first Foundation visit. 


Your Second Foundation Visit: 60 mins with Certified Health Coach


  • Your second foundation visit is typically 2 weeks after your first foundation visit with the physician. 

  • Recommendations based on review of your food journal, dietary needs and progress will be provided as part of your personalized plan for your lifestyle change. Personal preferences and cooking skills will be taken into account and use of meal replacements options and meal ideas will be shared.

  • Our Health Coach will review a nutrition & lifestyle course designed by Dr. Mittal with information and resources you can use to build on your plan and success.

  • In addition to nutrition, additional lifestyle counseling will be included and monthly goals will be set. 

  • After this second foundation visit, we will enter into the monthly visit phase of your membership program. We have ongoing weekly health coaching communication via the Spruce App between monthly visits to provide you with accountability and support. You may message us if you have any questions in between visits. 


For details regarding what to expect, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.