Metabolic Health Optimization Program



If you are concerned about preventing or already have and interested in improving or reversing conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, PCOS, fatty liver & heart disease to name a few, then we can help!

As a board certified Internal Medicine, Obesity & Lifestyle Medicine physician and Culinary Coach I am excited to offer you a program that is outside the box!

Our Metabolic Health Optimization Program is for those people looking for help beyond a quick prescription- we provide a comprehensive evaluation & treatment plan customized for you for prevention and management of chronic metabolic health conditions.

This revolutionary program allows myself and my team to use a specialized & unique approach to practice “Metabolic Medicine” that incorporates: 

—  In-depth lab testing

— Medical treatments if/when needed

— AND intensive lifestyle counseling & coaching to address the whole YOU


This personalized & novel approach helps you prevent and reverse chronic conditions that impact your metabolic & heart health and longevity.

Our longer visits, access in-between appointments & coaching support go way beyond the traditional medical model of a quick 15 mins visit where you leave with a prescription in hand. 

We work with your PCP as a consultant to fill in the gaps to create a personalized treatment & prevention plan for you.


Check out membership program options below and to get you started right away, you can schedule a 45 min NO commitment Intake visit now to learn more about my practice and to review your medical history and lay out a plan of action for you. 



You may work with Dr. Mittal & our team in 2 ways. For those wanting a snap shot deep-dive, you may schedule a 360 Wellness Check for an annual exam type of visit.

For most patients looking to make the MOST impact on their health goals, we offer an going Metabolic Health Optimization Program membership so we can provide you with comprehensive medical evaluation and treatment along with intensive lifestyle medicine recommendations & coaching to make a sustainable lifestyle change over time that supports your long term health & well-being.


360 Wellness Check visit: In-depth 1 time deep-dive annual exam for medical assessment, nutrition & lifestyle habits. Includes InBody 570, lab review, EKG & counseling for prevention

            Visit 360 Wellness Check for pricing and information.



For full details regarding this membership program, keep reading! 

Briefly, the program includes:

  • In-depth lab assessment
  • Preventive testing recommendations like Coronary Calcium score for prevention, visceral fat measurement and other tests to assess your personal risk
  • We formulate a personalized plan of treatment
  • The initial “Foundation” month for this program includes 2 physician visits (90 mins & 60 mins, respectively) + on-going follow up either monthly, every other month or every 3-6 months based on your needs.

We offer the option to add Reevue Metabolic testing as an add on service. Learn more about Reevue Metabolic testing HERE. 


STILL UNDECIDED? Take advantage of an Intake Consultation Visit.

If you want to meet with Dr. Mittal for a no-commitment medical visit before signing up for an ongoing membership program, we are happy to offer an Intake Consultation Visit for $250.

This visit is offered to anyone interested, requires no membership commitment, and allows for more in-depth and personalized discussion.

  • In-office or virtual 45 min consultation with Dr. Mittal & Admin team
  • No membership commitment
  • Dr. Mittal reviews your brief health history, risk factors, reviews any prior labs, & discusses a general treatment approach to help customize your ongoing membership program, based on your needs
  • Inbody 570 body composition analysis is included

To schedule this, you may send us a text message at 469-294-3501!

Dr. Richa Mittal provides an overview of who we can help with our Metabolic Health Optimization Program.


Metabolic Health Optimization Program Membership

Memberships includes:

  • The Foundation Month: The 1st month of your membership is called the Foundation Month and includes 2 visits with the physician Dr. Richa Mittal, typically 2-3 weeks apart. The initial foundation visit is between 75-90 mins and the second visit is 60 minutes long.
  • Medical evaluation & treatment plan, including close follow up of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood sugar and other medical issues (Note: Dr. Mittal does not replace your PCP but serves as a consultant)
  • Body composition analysis, including visceral fat assessment with Inbody 570 bio-impedance scale
  • 1 on 1 customized dietary counseling based on grocery food, meal planning & culinary coaching with physician & ongoing lifestyle coaching depending on which membership program you have opted.
  • After the Foundation Month, based on your needs and the intensity of follow up & level of health coaching desired, you have the option to for a membership that has monthly follow up, every other month follow up or you can have follow up every 3-6 months:
    • Monthly membership:

      Paid month to month with card on file OR pre-paid for 6 months or 12 month duration- see pricing details below

      Either in-person or virtual medical visit (up to 60 mins), Inbody 570 body composition analysis, dietary, behavior & lifestyle counseling, medication management (if used), once weekly remote health coaching for support & accountability

    • Transition membership:

      Paid every other month OR pre-paid for 6 months or 12 month duration- see pricing details below

      Includes every other month medical visit (up to 60 mins) ), Inbody 570 body composition analysis, dietary, behavior & lifestyle, medication management (if used), bi-weekly remote health coaching for support & accountability

    • Step Down Membership: Either paid every 3 months OR pre-paid for 6 or 12 month duration- see pricing details below

      Includes medical visit in-person or virtual (up to 60 mins) every 3-6 months, based on medical needs (determined by Dr. Mittal). Inbody 570 body composition analysis, dietary, behavior & lifestyle, medication management (if used). Membership covers duration of time between visits to answer your questions, address issues related to medications or lifestyle related challenges. No health coaching in between visits. Includes services like lab testing & medication prescriptions.

    • Maintenance membership: Either paid every 6 months OR pre-paid for 12 month duration- see pricing details below.
  • All membership types include access to physician & health coach on secure communication platform Spruce


Monthly Membership

One time Membership Fee ($150 new patient deposit applies to this) $150

Commitment 1: Includes Foundation Month* + (Pre-paid) 12 months
$4950 (Comes to $350/mo)

Commitment 2: Includes Foundation Month* + (Pre-paid) 6 months
$3050 (Comes to $400/mo)

*Note: Ongoing monthly phase of program is effective after your 2nd foundation visit.

MONTH TO MONTH monthly billing option:

A monthly membership billing option is available with credit card kept on file. You will sign authorization for us to keep and charge your credit card on file monthly.

One time Membership Fee (Serves as a new patient deposit) $150

1st Foundation Month (due at 1st foundation visit): $650

Monthly $450/mo
(1st monthly charge will be processed on the day of your 2nd Foundation visit)

All monthly membership patients have the option to extend by either extending their monthly program on a month to month basis or can take advantage of one of our pre-paid discounted extension options.

Extension options for existing patients:
3 month monthly visit extension (Pre-paid): $1275 (Comes to $425/mo)
6 month monthly visit extension (Pre-paid): $2400 (Comes to $400/mo)

Transition Membership

One time Membership Fee (Serves as a new patient deposit) $150

1st Foundation Month (due at 1st foundation visit): $650

Pre-paid every 2 months $450 (Effective price $225/mo)

6 month Pre-paid Transition membership: $1250 ($100 discount); Includes 3 visits + 6 months of membership

12 month Pre-paid Transition membership: $2250 ($450 discount); Includes 6 visits + 12 months of membership


Step Down Membership

One time Membership Fee (Serves as a new patient deposit) $150

1st Foundation Month (due at 1st foundation visit): $650

$400 due every 3 months:
50% due at time of scheduling, 50% due at time of the visit for a total of $400

12 month Pre-paid Step Down membership: $1400 ($200 discount)
Includes 1 medical/lifestyle counseling visit every 3 months for 1 year


Option to add on Health Coaching to this membership:

Coaching ADD-ON: $125/mo, paid for 2 months at a time ($250), includes: Journal review bi-weekly + 2 30 min virtual sessions with Health Coach


Maintenance Membership

$400 due every 6 months (visit 2x/year)
50% due at time of scheduling, 50% due at time of the visit for a total of $400

Note: For existing member patients, Reevue Metabolic Testing is discounted to $139

Please note: All membership programs and pricing can be subject to change based upon the practice’s discretion.

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