Diabetes Prevention & Treatment Program

According to the CDC, 30 million people in the US currently have type 2 diabetes and 84 million have pre-diabetes.  It is so important that we help prevent pre-diabetes from progressing to full blown diabetes as well as help people who are already diabetic improve their health. We can avoid so many of the health complications down the line: heart disease, stroke, liver disease, inflammation and certain cancers.  It is possible with the right treatment, guidance and tools!

Is it possible to prevent or reverse diabetes?

With the proper nutrition, lifestyle and medications, people with pre-diabetes can prevent progression to diabetes. Even people with adult onset diabetes can reverse and/or improve how many medications they are on for their diabetes. Dr. Mittal works one-on-one with you to help you make these changes and even come off of medications like insulin.

What tests are done to evaluate you? 

As part of your comprehensive exam, Dr. Mittal obtains your health history, does a physical exam and performs a body composition analysis with the Inbody 570 Body Composition Analyzer. This gives better insight into your metabolism by assessing your body fat and muscle composition. She also reviews risk factors like a history gestational diabetes or polycystic ovarian syndrome that increase your risk for diabetes.

Are there any lab tests done?

Dr. Mittal orders specialized lab tests to assess your metabolism.  This includes looking for signs of insulin resistance, heart disease risk, kidney function, liver function, thyroid function, electrolytes, vitamin levels, and cholesterol abnormalities. For patients with metabolic concerns (ex. Diabetes, prediabetes)- monitoring with continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to tailor dietary & management plan is useful tool (more on this below). 

What treatment plan is offered?

  • Dr. Mittal provides intensive education through a nutrition and metabolism course that is reviewed with you one-on-one.  You will better understand your diagnosis and how to prevent progression or help reverse diabetes with intensive lifestyle changes.
  • In addition to personalized nutrition counseling, you will receive a treatment plan using science-based FDA-approved medications to treat the root cause of diabetes.
  • Dr. Mittal includes science-based holistic treatments like intermittent fasting as part of your treatment plan, when appropriate.
  • Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) may be used in your treatment plan to help you with making in the moment changes affecting blood sugar. Dr. Mittal reviews patients' blood sugar reports periodically throughout the month and communicates with patients to guide intensive lifestyle changes to help improve diabetes. 

What if you already have another doctor managing your diabetes or pre-diabetes?

Dr. Mittal will work with you and your doctor to manage your diabetes medications as you start needing less medication and reversing your diabetes. It is a priority of ours to keep your primary doctor in the loop as we makes these changes.

What is different about this treatment plan?

You will receive personalized guidance based on your lifestyle, your struggles and challenges and a treatment plan that looks at you as a whole person.  We cannot treat the different parts of your health without addressing all aspects of your health.  In addition to medical treatment, the weekly health coaching included in your membership plan helps you make changes and improvements to daily habits that affect your health: nutrition, sleep, stress management, mental health, and gut health.

Do you have to join the membership program or can you come in for a few visits?

Typically, people will require ongoing follow up to receive comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle counseling and treatment.  We offer 3 month and 6 month packages with savings for pre-purchased bundles, similar to our weight management program Your Journey, Your Way. 

If you wish to be evaluated and receive treatment recommendations, we offer an option that includes completing 2 Foundation visits.  


Pre-paid Discounted Membership Options:

One time Membership Fee ($150 new patient deposit applies to this) $150

Commitment 1: Includes Foundation Month* + (Pre-paid) 12 months membership: $4850 (Comes to $350/mo)

Commitment 2: Includes Foundation Month* + (Pre-paid) 6 months membership: $3050 (Comes to $400/mo)

*Note: Ongoing monthly phase of program is effective after your 2nd foundation visit. Foundation Visits are the first 2 visits that are 75-90 mins long and typically occur 2-3 weeks apart & are included in cost of any pre-paid 12 and 6 month membership options.

Month to Month Payment Option:

A monthly membership billing option is available with credit card kept on file. You will sign authorization for us to keep and charge your credit card on file monthly.

One time Membership Fee (Serves as a new patient deposit) $150

1st Foundation Month (due at 1st visit): $650

Monthly $450/mo

(1st monthly charge will be processed on the day of your 2nd Foundation visit)