Gut Health

  • Vegan black eyed pea burger patties

    Dr. Mittal shares her recipe for vegan black-eyed pea burger patties, a great source of plant-based protein and prebiotic fiber!

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  • Wondering how to optimize your gut health?

    Dr. Mittal explains ways for you to optimize your gut health

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  • Does Gut Health Affect Weight Loss and Metabolism?

    “A happy bowel makes a happy person.” One of my sayings! Agree or disagree?

    We are learning more and more about how every system in our bodies is connected and the gut it turns out, affects much more than you might think!

    This is a reason why in my practice, along with optimizing other factors, one of our focus points is to help patients optimize their gut microbiome.

    Let’s look at some commonly asked questions about how gut health affects whole body health.

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