Who Can We Help?

  • No minimum weight loss required: Even if you have 5 lbs to lose, we can help you optimize your health, screen for metabolic issues, and help you make lifestyle changes to be your best self.
  • Increased BMI: If your BMI (body mass index) is above or equal to Overweight (Over 24.9) or you have obesity (BMI over 30)
  • Increased waist circumference: For women, waist measurement over 35 inches or greater and for men, a waist circumference of 40 inches or greater is considered unhealthy. Of note, for different ethnicities, these numbers are different and you may be at an increased risk at a lower waist cut-off. For more information, please read the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Before and after bariatric surgery: If you have been considering Bariatric surgery or other weight loss procedures, we can help you with the required weight loss prior and also with medical care and ongoing weight management after.
  • Post-partum: Many women struggle with losing weight and getting back to a healthy weight. We can help you by evaluating your metabolism and labs, treating with medication if required, and give you customized dietary recommendations.
  • Medical Problems: If you have been told you are developing pre-diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, sleep apnea, or increased liver enzymes from fatty liver, we can help you reverse these conditions. Under our care, you will lose weight safely as you will be monitored closely from a medical standpoint
  • Required for surgery: Have you been told you need to lose weight before you can have a much needed surgery? We can help you lose weight and optimize your health before you undergo surgeries like: Orthopedic joint replacement surgery and spine surgery