Mindful Eating

  • 8 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    Dr. Richa Mittal shares 8 ways to practice mindful eating to avoid holiday weight gain.

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  • Mindset: A Critical Factor in Your Weight Loss & Health Journey

    “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” — Buddha

    Do you agree?

    Let’s discuss…I give you some things here to consider and some thoughts on habits you can implement to nourish that mindset that allows you to flourish!

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  • Practicing Gratitude: The Link Between Mind and Body

    Today, I am talking gratitude. I usually write about health and wellness related sujects, so why am I talking about this? Beyond the fact that we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, there is another reason…

    Being thankful… expressing gratitude and focusing on the positive things in our life actually has effects on our mental well-being and our physical health as well.

    10 Ways to get started with Gratitude

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  • Mindful Eating: 8 Ways to Eat More Intuitively

    Do you sometimes wonder why you made a certain food choice? Have you ever eaten to a point of physical discomfort? Have you ever had that experience when you looked down and you had eaten a whole bag of chips when you had intended “just to eat a few”?

    The common thread in these scenarios is often that we were distracted while eating. What is the opposite of distracted? Being present, or mindful of the present moment.  

    What do we know about mindful eating and how can we apply that to our lives so we can foster a healthier relationship with eating? Let's take a look.

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