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Charges for Physician Services

In order for us provide you with your personalized and effective treatment plan, we encourage you to have an ongoing membership commitment to help you achieve and maintain your health goals.

Therefore, we typically encourage either a discounted pre-paid 12 or 6 month membership program. A monthly membership billing option is also available if desired.

Because weight regain is a real concern based on numerous studies and medical issues can worsen as a consequence, it is important to help you be successful in the long-term. We offer high-engagement transition and maintenance programs to be able to continue to partner with you after a monthly membership period has been completed.


Learn more about our membership programs and pricing for our services below. To get in touch with us right away, you may send us a text message at 469-294-3501!


Dr. Mittal offers a 15 minutes no-cost virtual Meet and Greet meeting if you would like to get to know her and our practice better. Please note no medical advice will be provided during this meeting.

You may schedule your Meet and Greet HERE.

Dr. Mittal is also pleased to offer a new patient Intake Consultation, with no membership commitment, to those who would like more in-depth and personalized discussion.

Give our office a call today to help you get started on your comprehensive program today!

Clinical Programs & Pricing

Please note: We are out of network with insurance. We can provide upon request a superbill with diagnosis codes from patient visits, which you may submit to your insurance as an “out of network provider”. Reimbursement depends on your individual insurance plan.

Also, our clinical services are typically covered by flexible or health spending accounts (FSA/HSA). You may check with your plan prior to your appointment.

The new patient Intake Consultation, with no membership commitment, is for those indviduals who would like more in-depth and personalized discussion about our services and how they could be of benefit based on a medical evaluation.

Learn about your Intake Consultation and pricing HERE.

Our signature medical weight management & lifestyle health coaching program is unique and customized to you. Our Diabetes Prevention and Treatment Program and Bariatric Surgery Support also follow this membership structure.

Learn more about this program and pricing HERE.

This program is for continuation of services for patients typically once they have completed an ongoing monthly visit program. For some individuals, based on their individual needs, some may be able to go to this program from their Foundation month.

Learn more about the Transition Program and pricing HERE.

This program is for patients who have completed a monthly program or going from transition to maintenance with a goal of maintenance or are not requiring as much support. Patients are usually seen every 3-6 months, based on their needs.

Learn more about the Maintenance Program and pricing HERE.

This service is an annual exam type visit for those of you looking for an in-depth exam for prevention and a comprehensive view into your cardio-metabolic health and longevity.

Learn more about the 360 Wellness Check and pricing HERE.

What is different about a membership-based practice?

Body Composition Analysis and Metabolic Testing Services & Pricing

To get in touch with us right away, you may send us a text message at 469-294-3501 to schedule!

Reevue Medical Metabolic Testing

This FDA-cleared metabolic test measures the oxygen that your body consumes to accurately measure your resting metabolic rate (RMR) so you can target the precise caloric intake required for weight loss, maintenance or weight gain.

Single measurement:             $149

For existing members:             $139

Package of 2 measurements:             $259

Inbody 570 Measurement

If you wish to have additional Inbody 570 measurements on an ongoing basis during your maintenance phase or as a drop-in visit, we offer these type of appointments with same day availability typically, even to non-members.

Single measurement:              $60

Packing of 6 pre-paid measurements:              $155 ($25 discount)

Package of 6 pre-paid measurements:              $295 ($65 discount)

The Metabolic Check is a combination bundle of Reevue Metabolic Testing + Inbody 570 Measurement. By gaining information about your body composition, you can go beyond the scale in assessing body fat and a resting metabolic rate measurement can help you modify diet and physical activity efforts based on your goals of weight loss, weight gain and maintenance.

$184 ($24 bundle savings)

Our office staff and health coach conduct body composition and metabolic testing. Results are typically reviewed by our health coach and general guidance is provided based on the results sheet.

Please note, these are not medical visits and are open to any person interested in such testing. This type of visit does not constitute a physician-patient relationship and no specific medical advice will be provided.

Call us at or submit an appointment request to schedule your Metabolic Check today!

Please note: All membership programs and pricing can be subject to change based upon the practice’s discretion.

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To get in touch with us right away, you may send us a text message at 469-294-3501!

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