Easy Healthy Cabbage Slaw

Easy Healthy Cabbage Slaw


Needing some summer food inspiration?

Enter.. Healthy cabbage slaw! Enjoy it as a side, as a taco topping or in a "meal in a bowl" with your favorite proteins.

This tangy, refreshing summer salad is easy & delicious. Also, it's full of fiber, antioxidants and Vitamin C.

1. Cut red cabbage into large pieces & grate (or buy shredded)
2. Add shredded carrots
3. Add fresh lemon juice (to preferred tartness & more vitamin C!)
4. Add jalapeños & cilantro chopped
5. Add salt right before serving to prevent it from getting watery

Food facts:

--> One cup of red cabbage contains 56% of recommended daily value of Vitamin C!

--> Red cabbage contains many anthocyanins (flavinoid antioxidants that give it its purple color) that are linked to decreased inflammation, improved heart health & decreased cancer risk.

--> Foods like cabbage, high in fiber, improve gut health through changes in the gut microbiome & to help keep things "moving along"

Isn't it great when we can use our food as medicine? Enjoy and be sure to share this recipe with someone looking to add more easy flavors (and antioxidants!) to their diet.

In health, 

Richa Mittal MD

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