What should you look for in a weight loss program?

What should you look for in a weight loss program?

Are you struggling with weight gain and looking for a weight loss program to help you? How do you find the right program? What things should you be looking for? And, why see a doctor specialized in this? A comprehensive weight-loss program should offer a few things that I will share with you today.

I’m Dr Richa Mittal, Founder and Medical Director of Radiant Health Weightloss Wellness, an integrative weight loss and preventative health practice in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I'm board certified in obesity medicine

1. Medical screening and follow-up are important. A complete medical evaluation by a doctor certified in obesity medicine includes screening for medical conditions that could be contributing to weight gain and also evaluating for conditions worsened by excess body weight. Also a complete lab evaluation and history to identify causes of weight gain and problems with your metabolism is important. We pinpoint other causes of weight gain as well. For example, sometimes your medications for other conditions to be contributing.

2. Safety is important. You want to see someone who can overview and make sure that the medications that you're on are safe, are being used effectively, and are based on your medical conditions. Screening for nutrition deficiencies is also important, as well as making sure that there aren't any interactions with potential herbal supplements you might be taking. Often with weight loss, we adjust medications for type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure to avoid a low blood sugar or low blood pressure; so, it's important to work with a medical team that can handle those things as well as keep your doctors in the loop about your treatment plan as well as your progress

3. No fad diets. Nutrition recommendations should be based on science based information as well as they need to be sustainable and reasonable to continue in the long term. I teach my patients about nutrition, how to build a healthy plate, and to use food as medicine, as well as fasting strategies.

4. Treat the whole you. A complete plan tailored to you and your lifestyle and optimizing all aspects of your health including sleep, stress, and habits. I partner with you as your health coach to do this.

5. You need a plan for weight regain. People who struggle with weight often know that the phenomenon of weight regain happens and it's not your fault. It needs to be addressed in a way that their plan. In our practice we help our patients transition from the weight loss phase to the maintenance phase. Having a plan in place to ensure proper follow-up is important.

6. Support and accountability. Last but not least, a comprehensive program needs to include the lifestyle change as well as developing new habits. To have someone to support you and keep you accountable can make a big difference.

We would love to help you achieve your weight loss and health goals. To learn more, book a free virtual 30-minute information, consult today, with me, by going to our website radianthealthdallas.com.


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