“You are what you eat.” You have all heard this saying.

How your body responds to the foods you eat is determined by the nutritional content of the food itself, as well as your metabolism.

Dr. Mittal provides personalized nutrition counseling to her patients based on specialized lab testing that provides in-depth information about their metabolism.  Although there are basic principles of healthy eating that apply to anyone looking to improve their health, certain aspects need to be modified based on your metabolism.

In her practice, Dr. Mittal spends time educating her patients about nutrition, how the body responds to different macronutrients, and how to formulate a healthy plate.  She has created a comprehensive nutrition & metabolism course that she reviews with you one-one-one at your visits.  She customizes specific nutrition recommendations based on your medical needs. Dr. Mittal strongly believes in empowering her patients to have the knowledge and tools to make the best decisions for their health.

nutrition counseling also includes grocery lists, help with meal planning, and resources for ready-made & meal prep options that can fit into your lifestyle.

In addition to nutrition counseling & use of medications approved for weight loss, Dr. Mittal uses tools like intermittent fasting, which can help address issues with your metabolism. She guides her patients in which fasting protocols will be most effective, while also ensuring adequate medical monitoring when using this powerful tool. Commonly, individuals with diabetes and high blood pressure need close monitoring when fasting, as they frequently need lowering of their chronic medications to avoid low blood sugar and/or low blood pressure.

Based on medical evaluation, Dr. Mittal makes recommendations for supplements that could help support your metabolism and address certain nutritional deficiencies.

In order to provide support & accountability to her patients while they make significant lifestyle changes, Dr. Mittal provides health coaching utilizing an app that helps her monitor her patients in between visits.

Dr. Mittal enjoys partnering with her patients to provide the medical treatment, nutrition counseling, behavior modification and lifestyle coaching, through a scientific and holistic approach, that helps her patients find the health they seek!