What drives your health habits & decisions? Love or hate?

What drives your health habits & decisions? Love or hate?

Do your health habit decisions and actions towards yourself come from a place of love or criticism? ❤️


What drives you?


Is it a desire to do the best for your body to give it what it deserves…. OR are you driven by:



⛔️Self criticism 

⛔️The not good enough feeling


⛔️Trying to meet some “ideal standard”


When you choose to move the French fries aside when ordering that sandwich and opt for a side salad instead, when you forego the second margarita, when you get in that work out, when you skip the midnight snack- make the choice FOR you, not as a punishment. 


This past 1.5 yrs… like many of you, the pandemic has led me to make choices that have not necessarily been the best health habits and have not always “served me”… it’s been an anxious and unsettled time for all of us.


Guilty at times of over-indulging, not exercising as much as I was used to, not always prioritizing sleep…(staying up late watching Netflix shows!), being stressed, “justifying” treats and indulgences because “life is tough right now”… sound familiar? 


🤷🏽‍♀️ Ironic I know consider what I do for a living… We are all human. Right?!


Having said that, I am trying to make the “right” choices to get my health habits on track:

👉🏽Not coming from a punitive place, but from love

👉🏽For me, for my body and for my long term mental & physical health and fulfilment


☝🏽No extremes here…no proclamations of “I’ll never eat x,y,z again…There is always room for some indulgence & imperfection (no on/off the wagon over here…)… doing my best- day to day, moment to moment… all we have control over is the PRESENT MOMENT.


💚Can you consider making choices for your health habits and do the BEST you can for you and your body in the moment right in front of you? Because yes, YOU DESERVE THE BEST…


In health, 

Dr M

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