• Small Changes Can Add up to Big Results: Health tips for the New Year

    In the upcoming new year, many of us will be setting goals for our health and then a few weeks in (or months for those who are extra diligent)... we might slip back into old habits. Why does this happen? Does this mean we are not capable of making sustainable changes?

    Of course not.

    What it means is we need to be realistic, be patient with ourselves, and be intentional in creating a plan- not just making a list of resolutions!
    Here are some health tips from someone (me) who works with people making lifestyle changes for better health daily!

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  • Creating Lifelong Healthy Habits- Do you have Goals?

    If you are looking to create life-long habits, you know that it can be challenging!

    Have you ever become overwhelmed?

    One way of accomplishing goals is to break tasks into small mini- goals and make them less of a daunting task. Have you tried this technique? For this month, I challenge you to pick one goal from this list of 6 goals and work on your mini-goal until it becomes part of your routine. 

    It is okay if you are not perfect! We should aim for progress, not perfection, right?! 

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