Eight Ways to Eat More Plant Proteins

Eight Ways to Eat More Plant Proteins

Trying to eat less meat, but struggling with where to get protein? It’s a common misconception that you have to eat meat to get enough. I'm Dr. Richa Mittal, founder of Radiant Health Weight Loss and Wellness, an integrative weight-loss and preventative health practice in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Today, I want to share with you eight foods you can add to your diet to get more plant-based proteins.

Whether you were cutting down on meat for health, ethical, or environmental reasons, there are tons of options out there to get your protein from plant-based sources. In addition to cutting down on your carbon footprint, there's an added bonus of protein from plants, and that is they come with fiber and phytonutrients...HELLO! Antioxidants that help keep your gut bacteria healthy and help reduce inflammation, decrease risk for diabetes and heart disease, and even help reduce some risk for cancers. So here’s a list to make it easier to get those super foods. Even if you're still having some meat in your diet, you can use this list to help amplify your meals. Be sure to add them to your grocery list and you are off to a start.

1. Beans...any variety that you enjoy.

2. Lentils and peas.

3. Soy based foods like tofu and tempeh.

4. Nuts and nut flowers.

5. Edamame.

6. Seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, and chia. Be sure to check out my website, I have a great recipe for a chia seed pudding.

7. Quinoa and other whole grains.

8. Even vegetables like broccoli and spinach.

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